2 thoughts on “Draya Ace of Spades

  • FUCK them Bitchessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! Misery lives company. They dnt hav shit else 2 do…..They’re all fake!!!!!! It is not our place 2 judge, ONLY GOD can do that….They’re tryn 2 use u, 2 boost tha rating on their show….All of them look washed up, and fuckin bitter……. They wish they could b u…………..We only watch BW LA., 2 c u, and what ur wearing girl. U my MoFo***** girl!!!!!!! Fuck all them Fake Fat Bitches……2 fingahs**

  • I really hope u laughing at them Bitches!!!!!!! Please dnt let dat shit bother u honey. Jackie, is crazy and so inmature it’s sad…. I like Maylashia, them rest of them is jus making themselves look bad on TV….


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