Basketball Wives Royce Reed’s Calendar Teaser Photos


Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.

When you get it though, the real key is what do you do when the 16th minute comes?

Some fade away, others if they are bright and independent enough take that 15 minutes and turn it into a career.  At some point the Basketball Wives style shows will be gone and those ladies are either going to disappear or show they are more than just drama filled and drink throwing individuals.

Your opinions about Royce may vary, but you can’t say that she isn’t doing her best to do things to make sure she isn’t known just for being on Basketball Wives and the woman Dwight Howard’s life to sue

The pics above are from an upcoming Calendar she is releasing in October.

Her College Girl book series is available on and at Barnes and Noble.  She will be going on a HBCU tour to promote the book series starting on September 8th.

A Children’s book based off her son Braylon will be coming out during the Holidays, a hip hop workout video and energy drink is in the works.

There is a certain perception that goes along with being on Reality TV and having a past relationship with an athlete. While their job isn’t to change people’s opinions (it is to entertain and stay relevant), their actions can separate the real from the fake or as Jay Z once rapped.

Time to separate the pros from the cons
The platinum from the bronze
That butter soft sh*t from that leather on the Fonz

Royce doing a good job at becoming more than just the character that they portray her on TV.  Good for her.


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