Braylon Edwards is not Impressed with Keri Hilson

There are so many jokes going through my mind right now, but I will call it straight…………

I guess Braylon and his beard checked out Keri Hilson in concert and was not pleased with the performance.

Keri Hilson very pretty to look at, but she is no Beyonce when performing, not exactly sure what Edwards was expecting. Hopefully he got his tickets comped.

6 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards is not Impressed with Keri Hilson

  • Wow… I see some hard times for chicks who think they can sang. Lol

  • I guess he knows he just blew his chance to holla at Ms Hilson……

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  • First of all, you cannot entertain and think that you are too cute at the same time. You haver to entertain and then when you are done, you can be a Diva. Beyonce don’t are about her hair, clothes or none of that while she is singing and dancing. She only wants to entertain people and does a good job doing it. Beyonce need to open an entertainment school and Keri need to be the first person to enroll and stop trying to be so cute with that flat ass.

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