Braylon Edwards Says Busboy Cost Him Big Free Agent Contract..Sues Restaurant


I hate to break it to Braylon Edwards, but the reason he didn’t get a big free agent contract has more to do with him not being that good as oppose to any incident at a restaurant.

Is Edwards struggling for cash?

Why is he really suing this restaurant and busboy for $14 million?

San Francisco 49ers receiver Braylon Edwards has filed a $14 million slander lawsuit, claiming allegations that he was directly involved in a fight at a suburban Detroit restaurant cost him a big guaranteed contract from another NFL team.

Edwards, a former standout at Michigan, makes the claims in a civil suit filed in Oakland County Circuit Court. It accuses the South restaurant and bar in Birmingham and three of its employees of slander, extortion and malicious prosecution.

Edwards claims he had an offer from an NFL team with $15 million guaranteed, the suit says.

“Mr. Edwards’ offer was rescinded before it could be accepted because of the false, misleading, and/or negligent statements” that came out after his name was linked to the Aug. 1 fight at the restaurant.



Braylon thinks we are really going to believe a team was going to give him $15 million guaranteed.

I will just leave it at that.


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