BSO Pretty Ladies: Video of Angela Simmons Nude Photoshoot & Bonus Pics


I have a thing for Angela Simmons and it isn’t because she is worth millions of dollars even though that definitely helps.  It isn’t that she is the finest or the sexiest woman around she just has THE LOOK.

THE LOOK can’t be explain in words, but you know when a woman has it.

Only a select few have THE LOOK that if they ask you to rob a bank, you would consider it for a moment.

So when Angela got naked for a PETA it was a no brainer to bring you some behind the scenes video.


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  1. Well, Angela u r a woman now! Just curious after watching and enjoying your familys show , how long did it take for your dad to accept your decision on doing these tasteful shots? I must say though no joking your parents and your entire family r very well respected so keep passing down these good traits! your parents know what they r obviously doing and they still have another young one to raise ,in this world its not easy!!! God Bless!!

  2. PHOTOSHOPPED HIPS. She aint working with breeder hips. But She is fine as all get out my brother. Naturally! To the tenth!

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