BSO Writers Predict Division Standings

With the NFL Season Kicking off tonight, the new batch of writers here at decided we would see who can predict the correct division standings. On Sunday we will be revealing how we think the playoffs will shake out and who we think will win the Super Bowl as well as winners of individual awards, so stay tuned for that.

Without any further ado… the picks.

As you can see, the Chargers and Patriots were unanimous picks for their Divisions. In the AFC North, it was almost a clean sweep for the Steelers, except for Kamaal who has the Ravens taking it. Interesting to note that Johnette is picking the upstart Browns ahead of the Ravens (but neither make the playoffs)

With the news of Peyton Manning’s injury, the Texans have jumped to the forefront of most of the predictions, except for Royce, who still thinks the Colts take it.

The Jets are almost a unanimous pick for the other wild card spot, with only me going with my hometown Dolphins. Yes, it is blatant homerism, but i think the Jets got worse on offense while the Dolphins got better and Chad Henne could flourish under Daboll’s system. Statistically, he is already better than Sanchez, just doesn’t have the freedom Skinny Jeans has.

The only other team picked to win a wildcard was the Chiefs, who I picked along with Johnette. Moeaki injury hurts, but that offense is still pretty loaded.

Eagles are the only pick by all 7, and with good reason. They are stacked in what might turn out to be a crappy division. (Rex and Bex anyone?) Carla was the only one of us who even had a Wild Card winner coming out of the East, with the Cowboys taking it.

Everybody picked the Packers to make the playoffs, with Royce the only one not having them winning the division. He has the Bears, while the rest of us have them fighting the Vikings for 3rd place. Three of us also have the upstart Lions winning the Wild Card. (Which is contingent on the health of Matthew Stafford.)

NFC West is either Rams or Cardinals. Bradford and Kolb = Good, Alex Smith and Tavaris Whitehurst = Suck for Luck. Interesting though that Royce has the Rams finishing last.

The toughest division is the South, with some combination of the Saints and Falcons making the playoffs, Johnette and Kamaal also threw a bone to the Young Bucs, and oddly they both have them finishing second ahead of the Falcons for Johnette and Saints for Kamaal.

On the flip side, the only teams we all agreed would be in the Suck For Luck sweepstakes are the Bills, Bengals, and Panthers (with the Jaguars not too far behind)

Thank god football is back, lets see at the end of the season how are picks broke down. The way things go we will all miss on 3 teams, that’s just the way the seasons seem to break down.

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