Cam Newton on Brady: “He is Good, Real Good, But He Plays in Same League As I Do”


What Cameron is saying in laymen terms is that he doesn’t see any quarterback on a higher level than himself.

That is a male bravado thing, that I actually like to see even if I personally I wouldn’t say it in public, rather let the actions on the field do the talking.

Too many men these days are followers and groupies as oppose to being Alpha Males.

As an Alpha Male you should always see yourself as the best at whatever you are doing.  If you know you aren’t the best your ultimate goal is to take the crown from the king, not just be happy being a Prince.

Cameron has a long way to go to be Tom Brady or an elite quarterback in the NFL.  Two games doesn’t make you a Hall of Famer and simply put stats for quarterbacks are nice, but wins are better and rings are the ultimate prize.

No one cares where Joe Montana ranks on the all time yards list, what they remember is that he was flawless in the Super Bowls he played in.

Cameron has the right attitude, don’t defer or give an inch to any player, but you have to back it up on the field.  So far he is doing a good job, just keep the focus on the field and getting wins, then we can talk about you being in the same league as Tom Brady.

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  1. “Too many men these days are followers and groupies as oppose to being Alpha Males.”

    But you defended the hell out of Lebron James.

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