Carmelo Anthony Wants The Haters to Know He is “Better Than Them”


Not exactly sure what provoked Melo’s tweet, but someone struck a nerve with him. What he is saying at least at the beginning of the tweet makes sense.  If I was a Sports Betting man I would guess he is talking about a twitter follower.

People can say what they want, this is a free country and we have freedom of speech. Sometimes what is said about you will good and sometimes it will be bad, you can’t get your panties in a bunch every time a critic or hater says something negative about you.

You can’t throw out the “I am better than them” card.

First off money and fame doesn’t make you “better” than anyone, maybe better off than them, but it doesn’t determine the person you are inside.

Secondly don’t put yourself on a pedestal.  That is just bad karma, why tempt it.  Maybe if we had a little more context of Melo’s tweet we would understand better, but for now he should just drink a Capri Sun, relax and be thankful he has people talking about him at all.


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