Carmelo Anthony Wears His Club Shirt to the NBA Lockout Meeting


The NBA season is in peril.

A lot of the NBA stars showed up to show solidarity as it is starting to appear that the season maybe cancel or at least a part of it.

The mood was somber and serious.

Unless of course you were Carmelo Anthony who is still dressed like it is Fashion Week in Milan. Look at how Lebron and Wade are looking at him.

Come on son you have to do better.


  1. on man.u no dats a dam pic and they are not looking at him.u say a lot of good sh*t and a lot of mediawackout sh*t

  2. Melo from B More and Bmore got some of the realest hoodest cats on the face of the earth so F that cornball from Akron ( see in too deep ) and them other cats lol Melo King of NY so that kingdom reigns supreme over the rest of them end of the day he good lol @ this story and the funny posts we all had those days lmao

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