Carmelo Anthony’s Phone Was Stolen, So of Course Lala Vasquez Sexy Photos Leaked


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This is really much to do about nothing. I do feel bad for Carmelo because this is much different than say Amber Rose leaking her own pics for attention whoring purposes.

Melo had a couple of phones stolen after an exhibition game, so it was only a matter of time before some pictures were released.

On the flip side Melo should be proud because his wife looks good.

The people who steal phones and leak pictures are pretty sad. If I was Melo and Lala I would just laugh it off. There is no law against a wife sending sexy pictures to her Husband.

She actually get points for it in my book.

6 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony’s Phone Was Stolen, So of Course Lala Vasquez Sexy Photos Leaked

  • It would be nice if the pics showed more of the goodies but beggers can’t be choosey….

  • She probably leaked these herself. She isn’t completely nude in any of them? Only pics of her were on the phone? I’m not buying it.

    • EXACTLY !!! She’s just Another Carved-Up TRICK (Word)

      • same thing i had on my site my story on my site was much different. My thing is this if he had 2 of his phones stolen(like he is going to leave his phones out to be stolen) why if this is private would he have pics of His wife in only underwear? why wouldn’t he have pics of her naked? what wife sends pics to her husband with underwear on? i don’t buy it plus LaLa was on my show last year and she admitted she sends pics of herself nude to carmelo. this was calculated plus she made sure she wasn’t showing too much I don’t buy it either i know what really happen

  • Sooooo, when we gonna get the pics of Melo?

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