Chris Johnson Agrees to 4 Year $53.5 Million, $30 Million Guaranteed Contract With Titans


Fantasy owners can rejoice.

This is being reported by Jim Wyatt in Titans insider.  Johnson did the right thing by holding out and got the mega contract he was looking for and frankly he deserved by being one of the two best running backs in the NFL.

One of the best things about the deal is it is relatively short in years, meaning if Johnson keeps performing at a high level, he sets himself up for another big deal down the line.

The Titans did the right thing.  There aren’t too many special players in the NFL who change a game in one play and Johnson is one of those players.

Adrian Peterson who will be a free agent soon and Johnson has just set the market for him, so the Vikings might as well open the vault.

Maybe now Johnson can afford to cut the braids off.

Desean Jackson does not approve this post.


  1. He MOS DEF deserves THIS CONTRACT !!!

    Only AN IDIOT NFL Owner would allow his BIGGEST DRAW for Ticket-Sales, Jersey Sales and National Exposure to not be APART of HIS Organization’s PLAY ON THE FIELD !!!

    His CONTRACT should’ve been the VERY FIRST ONE signed this off-season IMO

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