Colts Hire Jim Tressel As Game-Day Consultant


It didn’t take long for the “sweater vest” to find a new job. Colts coach Jim Caldwell announced today that the team hired former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel as a game-day consultant.

Caldwell says Tressel will serve primarily as a consultant on replays, which will allow the other coaches to focus on their individual jobs without having to worry about making decisions on replay reviews.

Caldwell says he chose Tressel because the two have had a good relationship for a long time and that it fills a job he’d been looking to fill for several years.

Good move for Tressel. But I wonder if Roger Goodell will suspend Tressel for five games like he did Terrelle Pryor?

Doubt it.

Seems like his rules only apply to players, not coaches (i.e. Pete Carroll).


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