Deion Sanders Cheats on Pilar With 19 Year Old? Pacman Jones Wing Man?


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They’re all actors
Looking at themselves in the mirror backwards
Can’t even face themselves, don’t fear no rappers
They’re all weirdos, DeNiro’s in Practice
So don’t believe everything your earlobe captures
Its mostly backwards
Unless it happens to be as accurate as me
And everything said in song you happen to see
Then actually, believe half of what you see
None of what you hear even if its spat by me
And with that said, I will kill n**as dead

That is one of my favorite Jay Z verses. In essence what he is saying is that you can’t always believe what you read, see or hear.

The truth normally is somewhere in the middle and usually can be interpreted a few different ways.  Who is doing the acting?

Here you have a story that at first glance seems pretty bad, so lets take it step by step.

First thing you need to remember is that this is being reported by MediaTakeOut, which means the credibility is shaky at best.

The story starts off comically with Pacman Jones (yes that Pacman Jones) working as the wing man for Prime to initiate contact with the 19 year old jump off. Why Pacman is being used as a middle man is beyond me, but we do know that Pacman looks up to Prime like a father..

As you read through the text messages the comedic value is high. The young lady has no clue who Deion Sanders is (says he is a terrorist), which isn’t shocking because she is 19, she spells Deion in her phone DION. She wonders why Prime allegedly didn’t just talk to her himself. Even without knowing nothing about the man, she accepts a plane ticket and invitation to whoever this gentleman’s hotel room (you can read all the texts and emails above).

Afterwards she does what you would expect a 19 year jump off to do, she takes pictures of herself and the man alleged to be Deion Sanders picture while he is sleep.


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The curious thing is this all happens within a 48 hour time period (maybe not so curious as I know this happens often).

Pacman hooks it up, Deion allegedly makes the offer, assistant books the flight, lamp breaking in the hotel and the young lady is sent on There is no smoking gun.  The pics are blurry, you only see the back of someone’s head, so there is no way to know if this is Deion Sanders or not, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence.

Could it be?

Sure, could it also be some random bald headed guy?


The point that I am trying to make is that no one is safe in these MediaTakeOut streets.  You always have to………………….


Even if you are Primetime.  If this isn’t Deion, I hope he clears up the rumors, because if there is one person you wouldn’t think anyone would cheat on it would be Pilar Sanders.


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A couple things all men should be aware of.  The younger the female you are dealing with the more likely these type of things will happen.  Also if you are going to cheat or have jump offs, get some sort of background information on the person you are dealing.

Don’t deal with anyone especially if you are high profile with someone who doesn’t know who you are, because they will have no issues stabbing you in the back for their own personal gain.


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