DeShawn Stevenson Shrine to Lil Wayne..Buys 20 Copies of Carter IV, Disses Lebron


It isn’t someone’s place to tell a person what music they should or shouldn’t like. Some may like Gucci Mane others Jay Z, it isn’t like you are forced to listen to anything that you don’t like.

Mavs guard DeShawn Stevenson is a fan of Lil Wayne.

Such a big fan that he created a shrine to him in his recording studio. He also compares himself as an emcee to Wayne, while taking a shot at Lebron James in the process.

If Stevenson wants to have a bunch of no shirt tatted men on his wall that is his business (he also has portraits of Rick Ross and Tupac), but buying the 20 copies seems like he is a bit of a groupie.

But you know the saying rappers want to be ballers and ballers want to rappers, so can’t say that I am surprised.


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