Dunta Robinson Fined $40K For Hit on Jeremy Maclin

People began throwing out ridiculous fine numbers after Falcons defensive back Dunta Robinson committed his second act of violence on the football field. Today we found out exactly how much Robinson would be docked for his illegal hit on Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin: $40,000.

Even though this was Robinson’s second illegal hit that knocked a few screws loose from a wide receiver, the Falcons head coach Mike Smith found nothing wrong with the hard hit. “That’s the way we teach it,” Smith said. How could you blame Robinson when he’s being done what he’s told. In week six of the 2010 season, Robinson put a hard hit on Maclin’s teammate Desean Jackson and was fined $50,000.

His first fine was reduced to $25,000 after an appeal, but the second infraction is supposed to result in a stiffer penalty which Robinson avoided, causing an uproar amongst fans and Eagles staff. After hearing the the Falcons and head coach Mike Smith is teaching illegal helmet-to-helmet contact, he should probably expect to hear from the league’s office, also.