Falcons Roddy White: “We Were Better Team Than Packers Last Year”

Memo to Roddy White.

No you weren’t.

If a team comes to your home field and drops 48 points on you, they are better than you point blank.  Give credit where credit is due.  Here is what White had to say.

“We were a better team than those guys,” White said on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access on Thursday night.

“We went out there, and we didn’t perform at our highest level. We’re a run-first team, you know, and we throw the ball second. So once we get behind like that, it’s hard for us to catch up. That was a tough lesson learned, but it was a good lesson learned because we’re more focused this year. I feel like we’re a better team this year, and we’ll be ready to get after those guys.”

A lot of excuses.  Doesn’t matter if you run first, pass first or punt first team.  If you are the #1 seed and playing at home you should win.  If you lose it is because the other team was better.

Obvisouly the Packers didn’t just get lucky.

They beat the Eagles, Falcons & Bears on the road and then beat a very good Steelers team in the Super Bowl.  White just sounds like a sore loser and extra Dunkin Hines moist.

As one of my old elementary school friends Syko Red would say.

“Don’t Speak It, Be It”