Final Thoughts on Mayweather vs. Ortiz, Erik Morales, Jesse Vargas & Canelo Alvarez

I took a day to collect my thoughts on the wildness we saw at the MGM Grand and I have some final thoughts.

Ortiz was overwhelmed by the moment.

Ortiz was acting extremely odd during the post fight press conference.  Most people assumed he was giddy just because he was going to collect over $3 million.  But I have seen fighters who were just in it for a paycheck (see: Joshua Clottey & Shane Mosley) and Ortiz’s behavior was different.

Ortiz’s actions in the ring were unusual as well.  Ortiz isn’t known as a dirty fighter or someone who kisses and plays around with his opponent.

Either Mayweather got into his head or he was so caught up in the moment he lost focus.  You can’t confuse Reality TV with reality.  Outside of the Ring Floyd Mayweather is an entertainer & promoter, but inside the ring he is an all business fighter.  You don’t see too much goofing around when he steps between those ropes.

The sad thing for Ortiz and boxing fans in general was that Ortiz was a “live dog”.  He wasn’t winning the fight, but he was TRYING TO WIN THE FIGHT which is more than we can say for a lot of opponents in these super fights.

You don’t get many opportunities like this and Ortiz blew it because he simply wasn’t ready for it.

Floyd Mayweather makes a lot of valid points, but he needs to fight Pacquiao.

At the post fight press conference, Mayweather did a lot of preaching.  Some of it made perfect sense, some was debatable and some was just illogical.

I get what he is saying about not getting his credit, but that is part of being the villain.  Here is the one thing Mayweather needs to understand and it is pretty simply.

If he beats Pacquiao he can drop the mic like Randy Watson and leave Sexual Chocolate on stage.

I don’t think Mayweather is scared of Pacquiao & he is right even if he never fights Pacquiao he will still be considered one of the greatest fighter of all time.  With that being said there will always be people who will rank Pacquiao ahead of him unless he beats him cleanly.

It is up to Mayweather to decide if he wants that hanging over his head.

Eric Morales is really old

I worry about Eric Morales’ long term health.  Considering he had serious issues beating a guy who took the fight on two weeks notice he should seriously think about hanging them up.

I know people love his blood and guts style, but is it worth long term brain damage?

Canelo Alvarez is good, but I am not sure he is ready for Primetime.

Canelo is considered one of the next big things in boxing.  He has the look, the promoter, the power and the following to be a big time star in America and Mexico.

The problem is I don’t know how his skills will stand up against real competition.

Even though he 39 fights under his belt, he hasn’t beat anyone of note.  While he did TKO Alfonso Gomez it was a sluggish victory and if Gomez had any power it might have been a much different outcome.

Until he fights someone of a higher level I won’t be convinced he is the next big thing.

Jesse Vargas is not ready

Vargas is Floyd Mayweather’s protege and lets just say this he needs to spend more time watching Floyd.