Fresno State Players Tied to Welfare Fraud Investigation

It is a recession and it looks like some Fresno State players decided to use the government to help make it rain in the clubs.  This type of scams aren’t unusual, but not on this grand of a scale.

Here are the details.

As many as two dozen football players from Fresno State have been implicated in a welfare fraud investigation involving a county Department of Social Services worker accused of filing for false benefits for them and others.

The social services eligibility specialist was arrested last month by an investigator with the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office but has not been charged. University officials have declined to comment beyond a written statement, saying they don’t want to impede the investigation.

The allegations involve members of the 2010 squad, and many are still on the team this year. The university said in its written statement that “violations of the Code of Conduct did occur and punitive actions have been levied upon a number of current student-athletes.”

Those EBT cards are serious business in the streets. You just don’t know, that is the difference between a steak dinner and Hot Pockets.