Grizzlies Josh Selby: “Bruh I am Just Curious, Not Gay” Emails Leak

I don’t care if Josh Selby is Bi-curious, gay, straight or Avatar. The message I am trying to stress and I am starting to sound like a broken record is…………..


Everyone should be paranoid. Anything that you email, tweet, DM, BBM, text, write, carrier pigeon or etc could come back to haunt you.  Every person you talk to could potentially lead to your downfall.

There is a reason that Selby allegedly says “I am in sports I don’t want anyone to know”.

You can’t trust anyone these days. People are recording everything for a couple dollars from TMZ or MediaTakeOut. A woman that shall remain nameless wanted me to pay for pictures of a NBA player doing Cocaine and I get several things like that each week.

Be smart about who you are sending pictures to, you don’t want to be the next contestant on that MediaTakeOut Screen.

By the way if you are sending a gay man, bathroom no shirt pics like this, you aren’t curious, you are gay. Be a man, stand up and just acknowledge who you are.  Not saying Selby is gay or he could have been set up who knows, but he put himself in this position.


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8 thoughts on “Grizzlies Josh Selby: “Bruh I am Just Curious, Not Gay” Emails Leak

  • If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck….

  • Damn, Selby might be the first professional gay athlete (on a team) to be outed! I wonder how the NBA and his Grizzly teammates will react to all this.

    I also wondered how the NFL and Cedric Benson’s Bengals teammates would’ve reacted to the very odd tale of him pummeling his roomate (and alleged gay lover), but it seems the story has died off.

    • I’ve been hearing things abt Benson too. Oh and Selby is a gay. Its ok, be you bruh.

      • Regarding Benson it ALL DEPENDS if you CAN BALL & PRODUCE (Big-Time !!!) He DIDN’T Here in the Chi and He was AZZed-OUT of Town (Real)

        He’s down in Cincy STR8 BALLING and He Gets his DUE w/o Skeptics to HIS Private Life (WORD)

  • Dear Josh Selby,

    Nigga, you gay!


    Riley Freeman

  • I’ve stated this Before and I’ll state it AGAIN… There are PLENTY of Professional Athletes that are GAY aka DL DUDES (IT Is What It IS…) And it isn’t HARD to SEE Who are if Your GAYDAR is Tuned Properly **LOL**

  • Had an affair with a pro athlete, was cool for awhile we decided to end it, mutual decision and we are still freinds,the fling we had lasted two years, met his family me and his family is cool, do they know hmmm, I think his mom knew.

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