Jaguars Release David Garrard, Luke McCown Named Starter

This comes as somewhat of a surprise, moreso about the timing than the actual release.

The Jaguars drafted Blaine Gabbert to be the starter and I think they feel that having Garrard around will hinder that in some way. Not saying that is wrong or right, but what done is done, here are the details.

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a surprising move Tuesday, letting go of their starting quarterback, veteran David Garrard, has learned.

It’s unclear what led to Garrard’s release, but the team now plans to start Luke McCown in its season opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Sources told that the team is going in a “different direction” by moving away from Garrard, who is 34 and has a history of back problems.

Once again the timing is awful for Garrard because instead of having an opportunity to find a job, wherever he ends up he is going to be behind the eight ball.

If the Jaguars wanted to make this move they should have done it earlier. The whole team is probably shaken up by it. They definitely didn’t handle it in the best way.

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  • I heard that the Jaguars got rid of him so they wouldn’t have to commit to paying him whats left on his contract. Is that true?

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