James Roberts Accused of Raping Woman at Ex-Patriots Brandon Meriweather’s Home

Trouble follows Meriweather wherever he goes.

Was this the reason that the Patriots released him?  I don’t think so, but I am sure it didn’t help.

Here are the details:

A Mississippi man James Roberts is free on $10,000 cash bail after allegedly raping a woman this summer in the Foxboro home of former New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather.

Traub said the alleged attack occurred July 13 at 28 Payson Road in Foxboro, and that the suspect pleaded innocent during his Aug. 25 arraignment.

Police Chief Edward O’Leary, whose department investigated the allegation with state police assigned to the district attorney’s office, said the reported incident occurred in Meriweather’s home.

Meriweather has not been charged in the matter. “There has been no allegation against anyone but Roberts,” Traub said.

No word if Meriweather was at home during the alleged rape, but even if he wasn’t he needs to clean up the crew he is hanging around with.

He already skated on an accusation that he shot someone at a party.  There are only some many times you can tempt fate.


One thought on “James Roberts Accused of Raping Woman at Ex-Patriots Brandon Meriweather’s Home

  • I respect what you do as a blogger, and I know u get off on drama.. But the real story is how this women can make these allegations and never be held responsible.. How many other “black” men have to be be defamed by pity-full women looking for a quick buck.. Did u know she had done this before to someone else?? Asking for upwards to $100,000.. She didn’t get a dime!! From them or me.. So who’s next?? I have since had my record expunged so I would ask that you take down this defaming article about myself.. Legally this is wrong

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