Jay Z to Help Design the New Brooklyn Nets Logo and Uniforms

Jigga is milking his small ownership % of the Brooklyn Nets for all it is worth. If you are uninformed you would assume that Jay was the owner or at least co-owner with the Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

That is smart marketing, Jay Z is one of the most recognizable names in entertainment, by attaching him to everything it is giving the Nets mainstream attention they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Here are the details.

“Jay Z, Adidas and the Nets are currently ironing out a logo for the Brooklyn Nets and deciding what colors their uniforms should be,” officials said.

“No matter what, the logo will feature Brooklyn prominently because the club wants to tap into the borough’s world-popular brand name.”

For merchandising purposes the logo and uniforms are very important. If they are hot, it will bring in money and attention nationwide, just because people want to be associated with the Jay Z brand.

Will be curious to see how they look, maybe Jay can send me some samples.

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