Jim Tressel Suspends Himself For First Six Games

When the Indianapolis Colts announced Friday that they hired former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel as its replay-game consultant many wonder if Commissioner Roger Goodell would throw down the hammer on Tressel like he did Terrelle Pryor ( Goodell suspended Pryor for first five games).

Well Tressel and the Colts took the matter into their own hands announcing today that won’t begin his tenure as replay-game consultant with the Colts until the seventh game of the regular season.

From ESPN.com:

Colts vice chairman Bill Polian said the move came at the former Ohio State coach’s suggestion after discussions over the weekend.

“In addition, we had a conversation with league officials to apprise them of the details of Coach Tressel’s employment and the issues we were reviewing,” Polian said Monday morning in a statement.

Polian said questions surfaced after the announcement of Tressel’s hiring “with respect to the equity of his appointment as opposed to suspensions being served this season by present and former Ohio State players.”

Tressel was hired Friday by the Colts as a game-day consultant to help determine when the team should challenge plays.

“We have informed the league office of our decision and expect that they will be supportive of it,” Polian said in the news release. ” We are very happy Coach Tressel will be joining us.”

Big props to Tressel for stepping up and doing the right thing. I doubt if Pete Carroll will do the same.