Kimmi Kennedy Exposes Married Boxer Antonio Tarver For Not Buying Her Plane Ticket


You guys are going to learn about dealing with these Twodels.  It isn’t surprising that Tarver was caught up, that happens all the time.  I am sure Tarver’s wife doesn’t care as long as the checks keep rolling in.


You don’t let your jump offs talk to you like this.

That is just disrespectful, no woman should talk to man like that, just demanding cash and flights.

Also you should never ever let the jump offs take pictures like this.

Control your side piece Antontio, she is getting out of pocket. She talking to you like she is the man in the relationship.

You need to treat her like you treated Roy Jones Jr (not literally, don’t hit her, but you get what I am saying). Fellas always stay in the power position with the ladies on your squad and choose your bench ladies wisely.

Once you lose control you become the next contestant on that MediaTakeOut screen.



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