@KobeBryant Joins Twitter

We have confirmed with a couple of sources that the @kobebryant twitter account does indeed to belong to Kobe Bryant.

The real question is who will be running the account?  Kobe Bryant or one of Kobe Bryant’s many yes men?  My guess is that Kobe will make a few mundane tweets from time to time, but for the most part it will be PR people running it.

They will use it for promotion.  That is how Lebron’s twitter started until he decided it was best he started tweeting himself and it has been a bit hit or miss since then (mostly miss).

I hope Kobe understands what he is getting into.  He has been pretty closed off since the Colorado Dry Humping incident and fiercely protective of his privacy.

Twitter has a way of showing athletes and entertainers “real” personalities which isn’t always a good thing.

Just remember Bean always KEEP YA VEST ON, it isn’t safe in these Twitter streets.

You have been warned.

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