Laura Govan Says Draya is a Groupie: “I’m on the Floor, You Sit in the Nose Bleeds”

The Basketball Wives: LA have fell off tremendously since their debut.  The reason is simple none of the women beyond Draya is interesting enough to carry the show.

So the show has become the Draya show with all the other ladies ganging up her.  Laura Govan who I believe is a bit mentally unstable is the latest to go in on her.

Check out this nonsensical rant courtesy of Necole Bitchie.

I think Draya is a good person but Draya is a hustler. At the end of the day, I would classify her to be a groupie or a gold digger. She is what she is and she stays in her lane and I can’t knock her hustle and I don’t. That’s just like at the end of the day, we really don’t co-exist like I’m on the floor, you’re in the nose bleeds and I keep it moving. She’ll never have a house and I hope you do have a house one day but today ain’t gonna be the day or even messing with my man or anybody else’s man. Draya walks a fine line but she owns her lane and you have to respect that but at the end of the day, groupies and gold diggers don’t co-exist. I don’t speak like she speaks, I don’t do what she does and she fits in that category so she stays there.

I do feel like somebody is gonna save her. I mean after awhile, she’s always in the mix …I mean she’s dated a lot of athletes. She really has no ties or connections to this show. It is what it is but like I said, I’m not hating on her. I’ve always been the type I never blame the woman, I use too and then I realized wait a minute, if you didn’t pull your pants down this broad wouldn’t even have nothing to say.

I don’t blame the woman, I always blame the guy. I don’t look at the woman anymore and be like “Oh, you raunchy hoe!” For what? She’s just doing her job! She’s just staying in her lane trying to get that cheese when she’s hooked up with him or just trying to get her purse when she rocks with him so it is what it is.

Groupies and Golddiggers can’t co-exists?
I assume Groupies are like the D-League and Golddiggers have made it to the league?
Laura goes on to speak on how she is back with Gilbert Arenas and how he is a good father (even though she served him child support papers during a game), how even though she claims to be balling she lives in a 2 bedroom apartment and how she didn’t sleep with Shaq (yeah right).
Nothing says classy lady like quantifying your worth by where your baller sits you during the game.  She is such a lady.

42 thoughts on “Laura Govan Says Draya is a Groupie: “I’m on the Floor, You Sit in the Nose Bleeds”

  • Wow talk about the pot calling the kettle black…..Yeah Laura on the floor and Draya’s in the nose bleeds AND both these chicks have spent alot of time on their knees….if you know what I mean….

  • Well, at least Draya got Laura’s ass severely beaten in the looks department.

    • True Dat

    • low class, fat ass, no wedding mass just ghetto trailer trash

  • What makes Laura think she’s better than Draya. Didn’t she do Shaunie’s husband? Wow, quite the angel isn’t she. I bet she used to sit in the nosebleed section at one time. I don’t know why she thinks she beat up Malaysia? She didn’t.

  • LOL!!! Laura is a Gold diggin Groupie!!! 4 kids, 10 yr engagement…..WTH is she trying to say????? Such a dumbass!!

  • “At the end of the day”, “At the end of the day”, “At the end of the day” LOL. Please, AT THE END OF THE DAY, you’re just a hater who was jealous of Draya’s beautiful looks. And that’s why you got a nose job. Acting the whole time like you were secure with self. Please. Draya still looks better than you w/ or w/o your gonzo nose!

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