Lebron James is not a Fan of the Maryland Terrapins Uniforms (Photos)


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Here is the brilliant thing about the Maryland uniforms and why I have respect for the Under Armour brand. Under Armour had to know that these uniforms are hideous, but similar to the Lil Wayne’s Jeggins they knew it would get people talking.

They are worldwide trending on twitter and google is buzzing (pics courtesy of @jose3030).

Even the King of Receding Hairlines had something to say.

I am going to ignore Lebron tweeting like he is one of Nicki Minaj’s Barbies, but while the consensus is that uniforms are one of the worst ever seen, people are talking about them and I would not be shocked if they sell out just because they are awkward.

I call them them the Gordon Gartrell jerseys.

By the way Brandon Jennings had a reply to Lebron’s tweet.

3 thoughts on “Lebron James is not a Fan of the Maryland Terrapins Uniforms (Photos)

  • Thanks for posting that picture of Theo. Instant nostalgia trip.

  • They are truly representin the md by wearing the flag on
    their unis. I like em.

  • I’m a MD fan and I love the new uniforms. Great job Under Armour.

    As for Lebron, no grown man should be typing/saying ewwwww.

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