Manny Ramirez Arrested in Florida in Domestic Dispute

According to TMZ, Manny is being Manny in police custody right now.

Witnesses tell TMZ Ramirez was taken out of his Weston, Florida home at around 7 PM ET in handcuffs. We’re told Ramirez’ wife was in the house. Two witnesses tell TMZ Ramirez and his wife were involved in an altercation.

Ramirez’ wife, Juliana, left the house shortly after Ramirez was taken away in the back of a police car.

Seems like your standard domestic dispute that happens a lot unfortunately these days.

Ramirez’s wife claims he slapped her in the face causing her to slam into a headboard.  She was fearful that it would escalate and called the police.

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  • Roid Rage…….guess sometimes you’ve got to smack a B*tch…

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