Meet Shawn Darling The Source of the Shaq Email Leaks

Who can you trust?

People who say they would never expose you often times when the situation changes end up doing what they swore what they would never do.

Shaq definitely has skeletons in the closet, he trusted Darling to keep the locks on the cemetery and that was a mistake.

In a restraining order obtained in Georgia court, 23-year-old Alexis Miller claimed that since they had broken up, O’Neal enjoyed calling her and breathing Darth Vader-style into the phone. When she demanded that he identify himself, he would instead mutter in his recognizable basso: “Bitch. Ho.”

Miller, a budding rapper with the stage name Maryjane, also claimed that O’Neal had threatened to pay other recording artists $50,000 each to stop working with her.

Then there were the emails O’Neal allegedly wrote. “I dnt no who the fuk u think u dealin wit u will neva be heard from one phone call is all I gotta make now try me,” he steamed before adding enigmatically: “Sho me.”

Shawn Darling, who sports a scraped-clean dome and a slightly leery perma-grin, got to work at his boss’ behest. He perched himself like a pygmy at O’Neal’s sprawling desk, which the giant had custom-built to make himself feel even smaller than a regular person.

He scoured O’Neal’s Macintosh hard drive seven times so that no subpoena would ever get at any digital evidence once stored there.

Darling says he sat shotgun while O’Neal then spent hours hunched over a laptop in his Mercedes-Benz in the parking lot of a local Barnes & Noble. Afraid to use his own internet connection, he anonymously called Miller a “gold digger” in the comments sections of blogs that reported the restraining order.

Putting his digital life in this man’s hands, it turns out, was a Shaq-sized mistake.

The ex-con computer geek is holding hostage a cache of thousands of emails ripped from O’Neal’s personal account. With the 39-year-old, freshly retired, and newly eligible bachelor set to join TNT’s NBA broadcast team with the upcoming season — barring an extended lockout — the emails could napalm Kazaam’s precious public image.

It is a long read, but interesting one for a couple of reasons.

If this was any other NBA superstar (Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Durant & etc) this would be a front page major news story, but because it is Shaq people give it the Kanye Shrug and move on.

If only 50% of what Shaq is accused of is true it would make him a scary individual.  We are talking about extortion, threats, stalking and possible police corruption.  These aren’t minor violations and at this point we know some of it at least is true.

The other part that is interesting is that while Shaq trusted the wrong person, it makes you wonder how many other athletes are doing the exact same thing in regards to handling their mistresses and people who they feel has done them wrong.

In the end Shaq has what I like to call “Charles Barkley Protection”.  No matter what comes out, it doesn’t appear to hurt his marketability.

But what that being said.


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  • Shaq has been living a double life for years. Yes, he can be a very nice, likable guy around certain people to maintain his image. But he also seems like the kinda dude that wouldn’t hesitate to intimidate someone (male or female)due to his physical size and monetary wealth if he got into a disagreement with them.

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