Mike Tyson was the Star at the Charlie Sheen Roast

Comedy Centrals roast of Charlie Sheen aired last night and many expected Charlie Sheen, the host of the night Seth McFarlane, or the King of Roast Jeff Ross to be the most funny.  However Mike Tyson was a delight to watch and stole the show.  Everyone who participated directed a piece of their act at Iron Mike, and then Tyson stepped up to the stage and gave a funny performance.  After 30 minutes of watching, I had to remind myself the roast was for Charlie Sheen because Tyson had everyone’s attention.    Here is a clip of Mike Tyson performance; got to love the Homer Simpson reference!

One thing about watching a comedy roast, you must turn down your sensitivity to jokes on race, religion, sexual preference, etc because nothing is safe in that arena.  Good to see Mike Tyson entering a new stage into his life in comedy.  Appearances in both Hangover films, having his own reality show about his pigeons, Tyson has become marketable without boxing.  I would love to hear his opinion on who would win between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.