Muggsy Bogues Reveals Retirement Gift From Mark Cuban

Even in retirement, when Muggsy Bogues name is mentioned, those who are old enough to remember his playing days only have good things to say. He was a small man with a large heart, but he’s praising Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban with having an even larger heart.

Bogues retired from the Dallas Mavericks in 2001 after a 14-year career in the NBA with the Washington Bullets, Charlotte Hornets and Golden State Warriors. He walked away from the game of basketball for the reason that many others walk away: He couldn’t perform at a high level anymore and decided he needed to hang up his sneakers.

Bogues walked away from the game with three years and $3.6 million on his contract, which Mark Cuban was not obligated to pay him since he broke his agreement. In an interview with Slam Magazine, Bogues revealed Mark Cuban as a man with a large heart that he’ll always be in debt to:

“I’ve never met Mr. Mark Cuban, but I tell people that I thank him more than life itself,” Bogues, 46, said recently over the phone from his home in Charlotte. “I had three years left on my contract when my mom passed away, and I decided it was time to move on [from basketball]. I walked away from the game with three years left on my contract. He (Cuban) could have easily just have bought me out of my contract, but he went on and honored it and paid the three years out and never looked back.”

When the 5 ft. 3 in. Bogues was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in 2001 in a three-way trade, his mother had just passed and he was grieving her death on top of not being able to perform at a high level. He never suited up for the team but Cuban respected him enough to pay the $3,617,400 left on his contract.

“I was never able to thank Cuban in person for that, but I do thank him,” said Bogues. “And I’m happy the Dallas Mavericks won the Championship. That’s a great organization.”

After being accused of being selfish, inside trading and losing $1 million in fines, it’s good to see that Cuban is finally being recognized as a respectable owner.