Mugshot: Marcus Camby Arrested For Weed Possession In “Drug-Free Zone”

I assume every NBA player smokes weed, mainly because I have never known one who doesn’t. With it being a lockout and the offseason I am sure blunts are being blazed up with reckless abandoned.

Marcus Camby is the latest to get caught up.

Portland Trail Blazers star Marcus Camby was driving in Pearland, TX Monday when police pulled him over for an equipment violation. That’s when the officer noticed the car reeked of marijuana.

Cops tell us they found less than 2 ounces of pot, so Marcus and a buddy were busted.

Fun fact … cops say Marcus and his friend were charged with possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

I thought everywhere was a drug free zone, but I digress.

You should never smoke while you drive, just because cops are always out. He had such a small amount nothing will come of it, but just wait to you get back to the crib to puff puff pass.

6 thoughts on “Mugshot: Marcus Camby Arrested For Weed Possession In “Drug-Free Zone”

  • What up with that mustache? Are they making a comeback?

  • “Drug free zone” as in Hamsterdam?

  • drug free zone is around school areas technically…

  • Camby should have said,”sorry officer please direct me to the drug zone so I can smoke this weed”….

  • fed up with this weed is illegal bullshit…weed has been a staple of human civilization….besided everyone puffs…

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