Mugshot: Stephan Pittman, The Vince Young Impostor Arrested on Fraud Charges

You knew this would happen soon enough. Once Vince Young brought the Vince Young impersonator to the mainstream media everyone who Stephan Pittman had swindle went running to the police or the media so they could get their 15 minutes of fame.

Now Mr. Pittman has been arrested.

Police suspect Stephan Pittman, of Fort Washington, of posing as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and accepting money to make appearances.

The impostor made several appearances in the past week or so, according to the Vince Young Foundation. He said he was accepting money for that non-profit.

The Washington Examiner gossip blog Yeas and Nays ran a picture identifying Young at a Georgetown party for model Jana Sedlakova that was also attended by former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe in early September, but that, too, was an impostor.

I still find it incredible hard to believe that anyone would think this was Vince Young and how many imposters does Vince Young have?  Is he really popular enough to have multiple imposters?

I am going to start telling people I am Black Tebow to see how far it gets me.

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14 thoughts on “Mugshot: Stephan Pittman, The Vince Young Impostor Arrested on Fraud Charges

  • I find this highly remarkable that this imposter is arrested when there still
    remain hundreds of Elvis Presley impersonators.

    People know damned well that Vince Young will not appear at some of the events this guy staged.

    Why does this country’s police have to create such dumb assed charges need to be radified.

    • I’m not sure if it was just the impersonation thing that got him arrested, he was also scamming people out of money for fake charities.

  • Im sorry but this article really pissed me off…

    I am one of the females who he encountered in the DC area. No, I wasnt stupid enough to give him my money, and no, he did not rape me.But he tried for 7 weeks.

    BUT… woman were NOT flocking to the media to get their 15min of fame.

    Do you know how many police departments I called,including the FBI..all within a 5 week period?!?! I got NO help.I got the run around…tranferred everywhere.

    And this was 2 weeks before the media heard about this.
    I will not say how everything turned up on the media, but its the media that helped many women realized who they dealt with, was NOT Vince Young. And it was also the only time someone actually listened to them,to seek justice…

    ALSO….. When someone ONLINE says they have a friend named “Vince Young” who wants to meet you…. 9 times out of 10, your going to say okay!

    So… then you google him, look at the pictures… and what pictures fill up your computer?!?! the real Vince Young playing football,with his helmet on.
    Pittmans thing, was to have you meet him at a club/lounge…which has dark lighting…

    So, please STOP bashing on the girls who have had to deal with this scumbag. He has negatively changed many lives… and deserves life in prision.
    Another reason many girls didnt speak up…is because, if you called him out,saying you knew who he really was…he would threaten you… I know this first hand.

    Please think of all sides before you post.

  • This guy is back at it! He is not posing as a football player but saying he just returned from playing bball overseas for past 13 years. Too bad he was really just released from prison in OH for the rape he was charged with in 2009. He date rapes girls! We went out and I had a few drinks and all of a sudden didn’t remember what happened. I remember the bar and then driving home.
    He didn’t ask for money. I think he just date rapes people who are smart enough not to give money.

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