NFL Unable to Conduct HGH Testing Before Season Starts

The NFL notified all 32 teams that they will not implement HGH testing before the season begins on Thursday.

The Associated Press obtained a document to the league’s management council and all 32 teams from NFL lead counsel Jeff Pash informing them that a disagreement with the union over testing procedures will prevent the program before the regular season starts next week.

As a part of the collective bargaining agreement, blood testing for human growth hormones would take place but only if the players union agree to the procedures. The NFLPA has not agreed to the testing, stating that they need more information about the safety and reliability of the test from the World Anti-Doping Agency.

“We have little to no information on the fundamental aspects of WADA’s HGH testing protocol or reliability,” union spokesman George Atallah said. “We have an obligation to keep the game clean and safe, but we also have an obligation to a fair and safe testing process.”

Commisioner Roger Goodell sent documents to NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith about the leagues eagerness to conduct HGH testing.

“The critical point in my view,” Goodell wrote, “is that we now reaffirm our commitment to using the best science available, whether for HGH, steroids or any other prohibited substance. This principle has been and must remain at the heart of our programs.”

Let’s keep our eyes out on any suspicious Barry Bonds behavior.

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  • I still want to hear more about the HGH testing. I feel like the players dont know enough about let alomne me.

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