NHL Draft Pick Rocco Grimaldi Thinks Your Boobs Are Distracting Him

Rocco Grimaldi is an 18 year old kid from California who as drafted in the second round by the Florida Panthers. He will be playing the upcoming season at the University of North Dakota. He is also a devout Christian who has taken to Twitter to crusade against the scourge that is women’s boobs.

He isn’t even talking about Amber Rose’s every other day “my phone was hacked” leaks, he is talking about girls not completely covered up in every day life.

Courtesy of Puck Daddy, Yahoo! Sports’ NHL Blog

Now I respect the kid for his convictions, but I have generally found the guy who wants the boobies put away the most is the guy who wants to touch them the most. He references a lesson for guys that he delivered later, which told guys that sleeping with a lot of women does not make you more of a man.

I have never been a fan of people who use social media as a way to hammer you with their religion. Apparently, a lot of teams think the same way, since he was expected to be a 1st round pick but slipped into the second.

Like everything, I think moderation is the key when it comes to expressing your views. A writer I respect who covers the Miami Dolphins for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Omar Kelly @OmarKelly drops about 100 tweets a day on Phins information, but every so often he drops in a verse. I actually read it and appreciate the message more than if he were hammering it into my timeline after every Chad Henne tweet.

In Grimaldi’s case, I always find it interesting when people with no life experience tell you how to live your life. His Good thing for him he was drafted by the Florida Panthers, there are no hot, scantily clad surgically enhanced babes in South Florida.

Maybe that is why he is playing in North Dakota this year.

If anybody out there is watching Survivor this season, one of the guys is a devout Christian who is in the same tribe as a Lingerie Football Player, seen below for reference purposes.

The kid, Brandon Hantz (who is the nephew of one of the most notorius Survivor ‘villians’, Russel Hantz) made it his personal crusade to get her voted out simply on the fact that she walks around in a bikini with her goodies out. He has no problem with any of the other ladies, just the one with the amazing body.

Of course, the cameras caught him looking at her like this.

Makes you wonder if my theory might be correct.

And one more thing about Grimaldi, when I read his story and saw his picture, the first thing that came to mind was Steve Newlin, the preacher on HBO’s True Blood who wanted to rid the world of vampires.

Judge for yourself.

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