Oklahoma Sooners Regents Will Meet Monday on Big 12 Affiliation

University of Oklahoma officials are scheduled to discuss its Big 12 affiliation on Monday.

The school’s board of regents has posted the agenda for Monday’s meeting. It’s a single paragraph that says the board will consider switching conference affiliation, and any legal ramifications of such a move.

The agenda says the regents may discuss the topic behind closed doors and “take any appropriate action

Oklahoma president David Boren said earlier this month that OU had been in contact with multiple conferences and expected a decision within a three-week timeframe that would run out next week.

Oklahoma future destination appears to be the Pac-12 at this point.  Oklahoma has the football resume the Pac-12 desires and Oklahoma has shown more interest to play schools in California and Arizona.  Big 10 are closer in geography but it appears the Big 10 will stand pat with expansion until other conferences add new teams.

Once Oklahoma makes its decision, the realignment dominoes will fall.  Oklahoma in the Pac-10 will force Texas hand to either join the ACC or become Independent to keep “The Longhorn Network”, if those are real options then join Oklahoma to the Pac-12, or try to keep the Big 12 alive by adding teams from other conferences.