Pics: Basketball Wives Malaysia Pargo is a Former Video Vixen



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There is no law saying that if you appear in a rap music video or hip hop magazine that you automatically should be branded a groupie and/or ho.  Sort of the same way a tattoo doesn’t mean you are thug.

So just because Malaysia Pargo appeared in a Ludacris video doesn’t mean anything (you can watch the video below).

She went from video model to a real basketball wife, so you can say she upgraded if anything.  What we do know is that she can fight as she put a beatdown on Laura Govan, to the point Laura was looking dazed and confused.

Punches were very accurate like Floyd Mayweather. With that being said, ladies shouldn’t fight. What would Michele Obama say?


  1. I saw the fight,that was 1 punch,u say beat down,do you even know what beatdown is,damn stop exajurating shyt.They just pulled hair the entire time after the punch.That was it.So i dont want anyone who didnt watch the show thinking it was a real beatdown cuz it was 1 punch and then hair pulling the entire time.

    • So if it was one punch laura (with her man looking self) did not get one punch in and she was the one talking thrash but couldn’t back it up! So that’s why she got punched! Way to go! Malaysia! I can’t stand Laura or her squeaky mouse looking sister Gloria! Talk a bunch of crap but aint about nothing!

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