Pics: Floyd Mayweather’s Fiancee Shantel Jackson Placed $100 Bet For 4th RD Knockout


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Did Miss Jackson know something that we didn’t?

I know the conspiracy theorists will love to run with this, but I have bad news for you guys.  When a bunch of reporters, myself included spoke with Miss Jackson after the fight she told us she made several bets on her future husband to be and 4th round knockout was one of them.

I am mad I didn’t do the same thing because for her $100 bet she made $2000.

That would have been a dollarnaire come up for me.

According to Jocks and Stiletto Jill she also designed her outfit for the fight and I can tell you the pictures doesn’t do it justice.


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7 thoughts on “Pics: Floyd Mayweather’s Fiancee Shantel Jackson Placed $100 Bet For 4th RD Knockout

  • She a bad chick, boy. She must have bad breathe or a 3rd nipple, bcuz he’s damn perfect.

  • you know the media breeded this term “conspiracy theorist” and ran amok with its inducement to the public (and you) as a negative thing. while the above MAY be true, it does NOT take away from the FACTS about the “strange” events surrounding round 4 of this fight. possible vs. probable right? since we don’t know ALL of the facts, we NATURALLY go with the PROBABILITIES with the facts we do have. the media calls you a conspiracy theorist when you do that. im guessing she 1)PROBABLY didn’t BREAK EVEN or take a LOSS with her “numerous bets” since it’s getting any media coverage at all… and 2)when there is money of this magnitude surrounding the fight (over a quarter BILLION), and you look NATURALLY and FACTUALLY at the “ticket winning round” looking like a WWE match, there is PROBABLY reason to suspect something unnatural has occured. money of that magnitude (and potentially more money in the future) brings the PROBABILITY of fixes, period. people felt that way BEFORE learning about this chick’s bet, so it only augments the PROBABILITY. i REALLY envy those who can choose “comfort” and bury their heads in the sand….

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