Pics: John Wall Makes it Rain at King of Diamonds in Miami

I know what you think I am going to say, but you would be wrong,  I have no issues with John Wall making it thunderstorm at King of Diamonds strip club in South Beach.

He just turned 21, he has a ton of money, a lot of famous friends and twodels at his disposal.

He is having a good time no crime in that, nothing to get up in arms about.

Just be careful and always KEEP YA VEST ON, especially around ladies and yes men whose only goal is to make you the next contestant on the MediaTakeOut screen or is this case take a couple of dollars off his hands.

As you can see while Wall was chatting up with a young lady, someone was snapping pics with the sole intention of leaking them to make a quick buck.

Always keep your eyes open and you wallet (or $1s in this case) in your front pocket.