Pics: Michael Jordan in His Dorm Room in 1983, You Might Want to Peep This


I just have one question.

Actually I have two questions.

First what is up with the Umbrella? I can’t figure out the motivation behind that. Can someone get Fonzworth Bentley on the line?

Secondly who is the NBA player on the poster? Last name is obviously Johnson, can someone get me an ID on the player?

Ironically 1983 Jordan dresses similar to 2011 Jordan.


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  1. Looks like he’s on that New Orleans mardi gras-ISH with the umbrella OTHER THAN THAT…..WHO CARES he’s Michael The Dream Shatterer Jordan the best to ever played the game, but if his Airness gets hated on the rest of us are never safe but when your an Icon, and richer than rich who gives a F what reg joes like us gotta say? hush ya’ll

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