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  • I am in a very lousy situation my brand is Astrid Bodie I live in Nassau Bahamas and our hospital below, The Princess Margaret Hospital, has the lethal bacteria Acinetobacer in both equally of their Intensive Treatment Units the children’s and adult’s. Quite a few babies and adults are dying over a daily basis from it however the hospital administrators refuse to evacuate and clean them since they state it really is not current. But my mom died while in the ICU while recovering from a surgery about three and a 50 percent weeks into recovery and executing incredibly properly she caught it and it killed her. The doctors who treated her told me and my friends and family that she caught it and and because of to her low immune system she will die. They also told us all of the symptoms that she would go by before she died and she did. They admitted it had been current in there also. I also looked it up on the World wide web and they ended up right with their information. That hospital needs to be cleaned thouroughly and I would like your aid to put pressure on them and make them evacuate and clean each intensive treatment units to make sure that the senseless deaths can stop.


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