Plaxico Burress Takes Shots at Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning

You know we don’t “Mendenhall” around these parts.  If there is something on your mind feel free to get it off your chest.  Opinions are respected, doesn’t mean they are smart.

Plaxico Burress was in jail too long for shooting himself, but the only person he has to blame for his previous situation is himself.  He is fortunate to be back in the NFL and getting an opportunity with the New York Jets.

Instead of being humble and going about his business.  He decides to get some things off his chest.  Here is what he had to say.

“After my situation happened, I turned on the TV, and the first words out his mouth was ‘sad and disappointing,’ ” Burress said. “I’m like, forget support — how about some concern? I did just have a bullet in my leg. And then I sat in his office, and he pushed back his chair and goes, ‘I’m glad you didn’t kill anybody!’ Man, we’re paid too much to be treated like kids. He doesn’t realize that we’re grown men and actually have kids of our own.

He said he was saddened by the way Manning treated him when he was in prison.“I was always his biggest supporter, even days he wasn’t on, ’cause I could sense he didn’t have thick skin,” Burress said. “Then I went away, and I thought he would come see me, but nothing, not a letter, in two years. I don’t want to say it was a slap in the face, but I thought our relationship was better than that.”

Burress said he was treated like an “axe murderer” in prison, confined to a 23-hour lockdown. In prison, he said he received cruel letters.

“I was a human pincushion; they were like, ‘Yeah, we finally got you, mother[bleeper!]’ “ he said. “On the cover of the New York Post, it said ‘GIANT IDIOT’! and I’m thinking, ‘Damn, I went and gave ’em what they wanted. I’m just another gun-toting, famous black athlete.’ ”

Here is the problem, the majority of what was being said about Plaxico Burress was 100% true.  The fact that he hasn’t come to grips with that and is playing the woe is me card, should be concerning to everyone in the Jets organization.  He is extremely lucky he didn’t kill anyone including himself, he talks about being a grown man and having kids, when he was acting like a child himself, he was a GIANT IDIOT and he did perpetuate the stereotype of a gun-toting, famous black athlete.

Plaxico Burress may have been a victim of our flawed justice system, but he doesn’t deserve any sympathy. He was responsible for what happened to him. If he had made better decisions he wouldn’t have been in jail in the first place.

The only part I somewhat understand is him being upset at Eli Manning. I don’t think it would have hurt Eli to write or visit at least once, but maybe Plaxico overvalued their personal relationship.

Similar to Michael Vick, it might be best that Plaxico chill on the interviews and concentrate on the field because every time he talks, he digs himself a bigger hole.

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  • Plaxico didn’t learn anything at all. He said it himself, Eli is not “thick skinned” explaining why he did not visit or write to him while he was in prison. I grow tired of athlete soap operas. You hear that T.O?

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