Randy Moss on Returning to Patriots: “No, I’m Done”

Moss has filed his retirement papers and more and more it seems like indeed he isn’t coming back.

I have some thoughts as why, that I will get to in a minute, but first here is what Moss had to say about a possible return to the New England Patriots.

Moss was back in the area Thursday, playing a round of golf at Bungay Brook Golf Club in Bellingham, when Dennis & Callahan producer Ian Meropol and WAAF morning show co-host Lyndon Byers caught up with him in the parking lot.

Meropol asked: “Any chance we’ll see you in Gillette, Randy?” Replied Moss: “No, I’m done.”

Added Moss: “I’m just here golfing, minding my business.”

Here is my theory.  I think Moss knew that he simply didn’t have it anymore.  Moss is a legendary player for various reasons.  I don’t think he wanted to taint his legacy by being the 3rd or 4th receiver on a bad team.

He didn’t want to be Willie Mays in the outfield for the Mets.

He will get a muligan on last year when he was bounced around the league, but I think his ego wouldn’t let him come back knowing he wouldn’t be the Randy Moss of old.

Smart on his part if that is the case and I wish him well going forward.  Better to leave a little early than too late.