Rapper Lil B and NBA Josh Selby Targeted by Same Male Groupie…Question is Why?


Rapper Lil B sent homosexual direct messages to another male via Twitter.  \

What seems a little fishy is that this guy (@IAmJustinCruz), who Lil B allegedly  sent these direct messages to, happens to be the same man NBA baller Josh Selby has been tied to.

Earlier this week reports said emails and photos of Josh Selby leaked to the internet and the recipient coincidentally (or not) was @IAmJustinCruz.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but either rapper Lil B and NBA baller Josh Selby were trying to holla at the same man, or this @IAmJustinCruz character is looking to raise his Twitter followers. Regardless, if this is another classic case of a celeb groupie, @IAmJustinCruz may want to realize this little stunt will not get him a spot on Basketball Wives nor Love & Hip Hop.

It appears this is Mr. Cruz way of trying to become the male version of Kat Stacks on Candy Deep Throat.

Like we say here at BSO, brothas, KEEP YA VESTS ON!!


  1. I think that’s a fake account ran by one of Kat Stacks so called friends. This same guy made a fake Pinky account. He’s been doing this for months now.

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