Raynald Adams Jailed For Attacking Son’s Football Coach With Axe


One of the things that annoy me about peewee football up to high school football is the parents. Some parents really lose their minds when they don’t see their boy getting enough playing time. And instead of thinking that maybe their kid isn’t good enough to get a lot of playing time, they think the coach isn’t being fair to their baby, costing them a possible football scholarship to college, and are ready to get all up in the coach’s face to “fight for their baby.”

That’s sounds like what happen here with 40-year-old Raynald Adams. Adams, the father of a football player at Monterey High School in California, is behind bars after allegedly attacking his son’s coach with an ax handle.

The trouble started Wednesday afternoon when police say Raynald Adams started threatening one of the junior varsity coaches on the football field.

The verbal assault escalated when Adams lunged at the coach and struck his torso several times with a taped ax handle, police said.

School employees jumped on Adams, holding him down until police arrived.

The unidentified coach was not seriously injured.

Adams was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a school official, possession of a dangerous weapon, being on school grounds without registering and possession a weapon on school grounds.

This should be a lesson to all parents who has a kid playing a sport. Unless your kid is being physically mistreated or abuse by their coach then stay out of the coach’s face.

You can’t tell a coach how to coach his team.

The coaches play the best players on the team and if your kid isn’t performing well in practice then don’t expect them to touch the ball on every play.

Stop attacking the coaches!


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