Rob Ryan On Rex’s Foot Fetish: “He Is A Little Freaky I Guess”

Last year, videos and picture hit the Net of Michelle Ryan, Rex Ryan’s wife, and her foot fetish. A lot of people made a big deal out of it for no reason. I really didn’t care if Rex and his wife have a thing for feet (to each his/her own). Rex’s twin Rob, defensive coordinator of the Cowboys, didn’t care either but admitted Rex is a little freaky-deaky.


“Aw hell who cares,” Rob Ryan said Monday in the Cowboys locker room. “Believe me, everybody has whatever screwed up thing going on. I don’t care. I’m sure you do, and everybody else that points fingers. Who cares? Everybody has a life off the field. Who gives a crap? I’m sure I’m worse than he is. So big deal.”
“Naw, I mean hell,
he is a little freaky I guess,” Rob Ryan said. “Hell, I don’t know. I like everything about my wife. She got great feet, too. She got everything nice. What the hell.”

Rob is right. We all have a little freakiness in us whether you want to admit it or not. But it is funny that he threw his brother under the bus a little.

I was hoping Rex would take a shot back at his brother but Rex is still saying this issue is a “personal matter.”