Stephan Pittman, Vince Young Impersonator Swindled $25k & Sex Off Imposter Scam


I really not trying to make this a racial issue, but………….

Every single person who claims Pittman swindle them out of money, sex, food and housing are white. Every picture you see him taking as “Vince Young” is with a white person.

A piece of advice to my Caucasian brothers, we don’t all look a like. You all have smart phones, Google images is your friend.

Pittman says he hasn’t done anything wrong, here are more details.

Stephan Pittman, the weepy, registered sex offender who was arrested for allegedly posing as NFL quarterback Vince Young to sleep with and swindle women, is claiming he’s innocent. Of defrauding people, that is. He’s mum about the sex.

“From a criminal point of view, I have done nothing wrong,” Pittman told WUSA, in a phone call the day before he was arrested. “I have not accepted anything on anyone’s behalf.”

In very-much-related news, another victim has come forward. Amy Willis tells the news station that she met “Vince Young” at a Woodbridge, VA. club. After claiming the Redskins were about to sign him, he allegedly convinced her to give him $25,000 to help buy the spa where she worked, which he would let her run. “This Pittman has ruined my life,” she says.

I am trying to feel some sympathy for Miss Willis, but the fact she couldn’t even check to see what team Vince Young was on is making it difficult. At no time was Young close to signing with the Redskins. I am not handing over $25 to someone without a background check, so for $25k I would get the FBI involved if need be.

I have been told that this is common for men to impersonate athletes for sex and money. I am going to pretend I am Ladainian Tomlinson for the weekend and see how it works out for me.


  1. This reminds me back when I was overseas in Korea random Asian cats would run up and take pics next to us . We were Soldiers but lil things like that, and this is crazy lol like paul mooney said everybody wanna be a nucca but dont wanna be a nucca

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