Syracuse & Pittsburgh to ACC Talks in the Works

Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh, two bedrock members of the Big East Conference, are engaged in talks about joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, according to a person with direct knowledge of the talks.

No one from Pittsburgh, Syracuse or the ACC denied the conversations were taking place. Officials from all three entities declined to comment on the matter.

The person with knowledge of the talks declined to speculate on a timetable or the seriousness of the discussions. But in this delicate time for conferences and their futures, the discussions between the 12-team ACC and two Big East members are significant.

The discussions show how the trend toward 16-team super conferences, which has concerned many college athletic officials, appears to be inching closer to reality. If Syracuse and Pittsburgh switch, the move will be difficult for the Big East to overcome.

This move makes sense for both teams, each have a football history with Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College being former members of the Big East.  The move to the ACC allows the Pitt and Syracuse basketball programs to remain in an elite basketball program and improve the football program as well.  If the ACC wants to go 16 teams, Texas must be intrigued with the ACC option plus keeping “The Longhorn Network”.  If Texas becomes the 15th member, would Texas force Texas Tech to join them or would Kansas given its basketball resume be a better option for the ACC.