Terrell Owens Catches Up On Child Support Payments With Melanie Paige Smith

Looks like T.O. won’t be going to jail after all for failing to pay back child support.

The attorney for Owens’ baby mama, Melanie Paige Smith, said Owens has “fulfilled his financial obligations.”

Owens was due in court Tuesday on a contempt charge after falling behind two months and $10,000, said Randy Kessler, Melanie Paige Smith’s lawyer. It was the second time this summer Owens was late with his $5,000 monthly payment.

In July, the 37-year-old former wide receiver blamed the NFL lockout in claiming financial hardship, saying he would only be able to afford $2,500 a month. His request was denied and he settled by paying the $10,000 owed for June and July, along with attorney fees, Kessler said.

Owens, a Fulton County resident, remains a free-agent player, but so far has not been signed by an NFL team. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals last season.

Smith, of Atlanta, filed a second petition for contempt in Fulton County Superior Court earlier this month requesting Owens be incarcerated for not making his August and September payments. The flamboyant receiver, star of a VH-1 reality series, earns an estimated $666,000 a month, according to Smith’s suit.

“We are glad it is resolved and hope we do not need to file again in the future,” Kessler said, confirming Owens is caught up with his payments.

Glad everything was settled. Hopefully he will continue the payments so we won’t he about another lawsuit against him for not paying child support.