Texans’ Ben Tate Likes Soft Bed Sheets, Endorses Sheex

Texans running back Ben Tate is making a name for himself in the NFL. With Arian Forster out nursing a hamstring, Tate introduces himself to NFL fans yesterday when he ran all over the Colts for 116 yards and a touchdown.

Some NFL fans are surprised about Tate’s talent but I’m not. I’ve seen him play at Auburn and I always knew he would make an impact on some NFL team. He rushed for 3,321 yards on 678 carries, scoring 24 touchdowns at Auburn and finished 5th on the career rushing list.

Now that people know his name and know that he is a good running back, they should also know that he really like soft bed sheets from Sheex. See video below from sbnation.com.

Sheex claims “a proven advantage over cotton in enabling and maintaining optimum thermal conditions for sleep. Better sleep leads to better performance.”

I’m all for soft, comfortable bed sheets myself. I can’t stand sleeping on rough and hot sheets. So I see where Tate is coming from.

But there has to be some kind of man law violation that goes against this. A football player, and men in general, should not be endorsing “luxury performance fabric bed sheets.”

This endorsement is really suspect. I’m pretty sure Tate is getting hell for this from the guys in the locker room. I need for Nike, Reebok, Gatorade, Powerade, or somebody else to give this man an endorsement because this one is not a good look for Tate.

2 thoughts on “Texans’ Ben Tate Likes Soft Bed Sheets, Endorses Sheex

  • What’s wrong with a man endorsing sheets? If they help him sleep better then more power to him. I checked out their website and they seem kinda cool (no pun intended). Being from the South, I’m always hot when I sleep, especially during the summer so anything that will keep me cooler and not leave a gross sweat stain on the bed is fine by me!

  • Fairly Motivating. I’d prefer to find out yet another.

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